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Advisory and Consultancy

Due to increasing uncertainty and shifting towards a BANI world, managing risk has become an essential part of strategic decision-making for businesses. PMA provides forward-looking advisory and consultancy services, considering potential future scenarios. They specialize in supporting private equity, venture capital funding, and IPOs. We understand that business valuation is a complex combination of qualitative and quantitative factors, enabling investors to make informed decisions amidst future uncertainty. At PMA, we offer comprehensive valuation services as one of our partners is a registered valuer. PMA also provides CFO services to foreign subsidiaries established in India and has received positive testimonials for our due diligence services.

PMA provides the following advisory and consultancy services:

  • Business Advisory
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Due Diligance
  • Private Equity , VC funding and IPO support
  • Business Valuation for trnasactions, strat-ups etc.
  • Impact of Change -in-law on Power Purchase Agreement
  • Project Financing
  • Government incetives like subsidy, grant, etc.
  • Developing and implemetation of Internal Financial Controls
  • Ind AS implementation
  • CFO services for foreign subsidiary in India